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Shuttle SB1 - Smart Acoustic Fire Door Retainer

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1-4 Units WITH Floor Plate - £118.00 per unit

1-4 Units WITHOUT Floor Plate - £115.00 per unit

5-9 Units WITH Floor Plate - £115.00 per unit

5-9 Units WITHOUT Floor Plate - £112.00 per unit

10+ Units WITH Floor Plate - £110.00 per unit

10+ Units WITHOUT Floor Plate - £107.00 per unit

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This Shuttle SB1 Smart Acoustic Fire Door Retainer is  an excellent choice for fire door retaining problems.

It's always been tempting to wedge open fire doors. Often, ironically, with a fire extinguisher.  This is dangerous and could result in fire insurance becoming void and the personal prosecution of directors, partners or proprietors of offending businesses and organisations.

What's much worse is that wedging open doors allows smoke and fire to travel much more quickly throughout a building.


  • The Shuttle SB1 is a legal and accepted fire door 'hold open' device that complies with relevant British Standards and EC Directives.
  • Tested to BS EN 1155 and accepted by the Fire Brigade
  • Complies with BS 7273-4: 2015 Category 'Standard' - Actuation of Release Mechanisms for Doors
  • The Shuttle SB1 can legally hold open fire doors which greatly improves access throughout buildings - in line with the Equalities Act 2010

  • Works with Continuous fire alarms

  • When set up to learn the sound of the fire alarm, it will release automatically ONLY to the sound of the fire alarm and ignore vacuum cleaners and ALL other background noises and sound.

  • Works with Voice and Intermittent fire alarms

  • 2 Year faulty component or software warranty

Shuttle SB1 - with Fire Alarm Sound Recognition

  • Installs in under five minutes
  • Battery operated, wire-free solution using two ordinary 'C' size batteries
  • Very simple set up using control button and 'traffic light' LED's
  • With this LED version - the batteries can last up to THREE YEARS
  • Batteries included in price
  • Automatically releases when fire alarm sounds
  • Acoustic 'listening' - proven in thousands of buildings across the UK
  • Incorporates basic mode PLUS learn alarm listening technology that allows you to set it up to learn and recognise the sound of a fire alarm in only 30 seconds
  • Also has a basic mode for quick set up. Ignores vacuum cleaners and other background noise
  • The Shuttle SB1 sound recognition technology therefore enables it to ignore all other loud sounds and will only release to the specific sound of the fire alarm
  • Smart, slim and unobtrusive design available in Black
  • Easy foot-operated release and adjustment
  • Plunger grips floor or floor plate to hold door open
  • The Shuttle will 'Fail to Safe' and allow the fire door to close - in the event of battery drain down
  • Improves access for wheelchair users in line with the Equalities Act 2010
  • Fully interchangeable with the Dorgard Unit - screw holes in same place and can use existing Dorgard floorplates and rubber ferrules

An Option for Reduced Price on Replacement units

OPTION 1 - Floor plate kit - Included in price (New Installation)

OPTION 2 - Floor plate kit - NOT Included in price (Replacement unit for use with pre-existing floor plate