DeadlockGuard for Door



Fitting a mortice deadlock, or sashlock, involves removing wood from the door

This leaves a very weakened area around the mortice lock

The Kickstop Door Reinforcer will help remedy this problem


The Kickstop Lockguards

The DeadlockGuard is for use with a mortice deadlock

The SashlockGuard is for use with a mortice sashlock



  • The 9601 DeadlockGuard is bolted together through the door - around the mortice deadlock.
  • The 9601 is the original DeadlockGuard and is the longer of the three styles of Door Reinforcer for the mortice deadlock.
  • The 9601, 2000 and 9600 DeadlockGuards are all available for traditional UK lever/detainer mortice deadlocks as well as Oval and Euro profile cylinder mortice deadlocks.
  • The new 2300 DeadlockGuard is available for UK and Euro Mortice deadlocks


BUY DeadlockGuard

Before ordering

*Very carefully check the type of keyway you require

Traditional UK (UK) - Euro profile cylinder (EU) - Oval cylinder (OV) 




For UK Lever/Detainer Deadlock

300 x 35 x 7mm

Also available for Euro and

Oval Mortice Deadlocks


For UK Lever/Detainer Deadlock

203 x 50 x 3mm

Also available for Euro and

Oval Mortice Deadlocks


For UK Lever/Detainer Deadlock

188 x 35 x 7mm

Also available for Euro and

Oval Mortice Deadlocks


Euro Profile Cylinder 

Oval Profile Cylinder 




UK DeadlockGuards


for use with a 'traditional' style mortice deadlock

EU DeadlockGuards

for use with a EURO Profile cylinder mortice deadlock

OV DeadlockGuards

for use with an Oval Profile cylinder mortice deadlock

Mortice deadlocks, Euro and Oval cylinder are shown for illustration purposes only