Kickstop DoorGuard Bar - Security Bar

Product Code: DG1
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  • Description

  • Code: DG1
  • 725mm x 20mm solid steel bar
  • Rounded Sides and Rounded Ends.
  • Countersunk Screw Holes
  • Screw on horizontally to reinforce door panels
  • A pack of 1 1/2" No 10 woodscrews supplied

DoorGuard Bars are ideal to screw fit horizontally across a weak panelled wooden door to increase security - often to a rear or side 'garden' door.

DG1 dimensions - 725mm long x 20mm wide x 5mm thick

-  with three countersunk holes

NB: If you are unsure about the suitability of this product - we suggest you look at More Information

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